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EMC Storage Networking

Instructor: David Royer

This “train the trainer” track will prepare faculty to teach the technology-based Information Storage and Management (ISM) course offered through participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program. In addition, it prepares faculty for the Information Storage and Management certification exam (E20-001). Attendees are requested to read the primer, “Information Storage Basics” (21 pages) prior to the start of the track. It will be provided once registered in this track.

Class Description
This class enables ICT faculty to achieve a comprehensive introduction to storage technology. Faculty will learn about the architectures, features, and benefits of intelligent storage systems; networked storage technologies and long-term archiving solutions, information security, and the emerging field of storage virtualiza¬tion technologies.

This class is taught using the textbook, “Information Storage and Management”, written by storage professionals from EMC Corporation. The book takes an ‘open’ approach to teaching information storage and management, focusing on concepts and principles – rather than product specifics – that can be applied in all IT environments. The storage technologies presented are reinforced with EMC examples of actual solutions. Realistic case studies are presented to enable the participants to design the most appropriate solution for given sets of criteria. The EMC Navsiphere Manager simulator is used to provide students with various configuration and management activities such as provisioning storage to the host, configuring disaster recovery options and staging data for online data backups.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the ISM textbook. Faculty who are participating in the EMC Academic Alliance program will receive the teaching and learning aids to deliver the course including PowerPoints and facilitator guide for each chapter, product simulators with lab guides, videos, course lesson planning, and more …

Information Storage and Management: Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information” Provided by EMC Education Services – ISBN: 978-0-470-29421-5

Previous backgrounds in storage are obviously beneficial, but not required. Examples of beneficial focus areas and knowledge include:

• Systems integration/administration

• Computer systems administration

• Hardware integration

• Network administration

• Operating systems (CPU, memory, I/O pathing, commands, directory structure, registry)

• Networking (TCP/IP, network design and support, troubleshooting, Active Directory Services, monitoring tools, upgrades, and patches)

• File Systems and Data Structures

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