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Citrix Virtualization

Instructor: Rhonda Rowland
Room H134

This 10-day training, valued at $13,000, will be taught by a Citrix Master Instructor and will cover server (XenServer), application (XenApp) and desktop (XenDesktop) virtualization. This 10-day training is required for all Citrix IT Academy instructors. Please note that registration for this course is a commitment to attend all 10-days (5 in-person; 5 live virtual) of training.

Participants who live one or more hours away from the event and who complete the full 10-day training may be eligible to apply for up to $650 in travel reimbursement. More information about the travel reimbursement process can be found HERE.


Week 1 (July 11-15, 2011) will be in-person at Working Connections and will cover the XenServer Administration course and the first half of the XenApp Administration course.

Course hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm/ Friday, 8:00am - 12:00pm

NOTE: This is different than the rest of the Working Connections schedule. It is necessary in order to be able to complete all work by 12:00pm on Friday, July 15.

Week 2 (July 18-22, 2011) will be live virtual using Citrix GoToTraining. Instructors can be anywhere but must have access to the internet for the duration of the week. Week 2 will cover the remainder of XenApp Administration and the XenDesktop Administration courses. Course hours: M-F 8A-3:30P Pacific Daylight Time with a 30-minute lunch break.

Track Prerequisites:

To be successful instructors must have a strong Microsoft Server background (MCSA, MCSE or MCTS on Windows Server 2008 or equivalent experience).

Required Preparation to be completed before July 11, 2011:

1. View the product “Chalk Talks” (3 minutes each):

2. Complete the free online Technical Overview course for each product (1 hour each):

3. At a minimum, complete the first lab in the XenServer and XenApp Self-paced Online courses provided by Citrix.

Next Steps:

1) Verify you can attend all 10-days of training - please note that you will not be eligible for travel reimbursement until you've completed all 10-days of this training, including the online portion.

2) Register for this class HERE

3) Send an email to to introduce yourself and provide your college email address

Need Help?

Contact Dan Myers at:
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Contact the Convergence Technology Center staff:

  • Helen Sullivan 972.377.1648
  • Ann Blackman 972.377.1582
  • Marilyn Webster 972.377.1734
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